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New technologies to fight crime: a collaboration with PREVISION

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New technologies to fight crime: a collaboration with PREVISION

The Horizon 2020 PREVISION project is developing advanced, almost-real-time, analytical support for multiple big data streams, subsequently allowing their semantic integration into dynamic and self-learning knowledge graphs that capture the structure, interrelations and trends of terrorist groups and individuals, cybercriminal organisations and organised crime groups.

Given the numerous commonalities in the goals of AIDA and PREVISION, as well as the similar nature of the challenges faced by the two projects, a collaboration was launched, which we are happy to present to our communities.

Such collaboration will focus on the following activities:

  1. Organisation of joint dissemination activities and public events, including demonstrations;
  2. Organisation of joint activities for societal impact assessment, to foster engagement of networks and work with focus groups of citizens who will provide their assessment of the societal impact of AI technologies used by LEAs, as well as share information and valuable suggestions;
  3. LEAs of the two projects will be invited to participate (by invitation) to the public demonstration events organised by both projects for testing and evaluation;
  4. Information sharing regarding available datasets that have been secured by the technical partners of the two projects;
  5. Creation, improvement and sharing of domain ontologies, both for knowledge modelling and for exporting of data for prosecution. Joint activities and a thematic workshop will be organised to share experience on Semantic Engines and Knowledge Representation;
  6. Specifications of selected tools that could potentially be used by both projects will be prepared by technical partners. Technical discussions will include the approach used for the wrapping of technical components and GUIs of the platforms.
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